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Swing Night at
The World Famous Cotton Club
Every Monday Night from 2010-2020 
Featured dancer in Dormeshia's Sophisticated Ladies!
Performance in Candyland
Choreography by FrancoTh3Artist
Producer: PinillaPro
September 30, 2023 

Arleigh and Miosotis


"Dreams" (Official Video)

Director/Editor/Choreographer: Arleigh Rothenberg
Producer: Yasko T. Williams
Director Of Photography: KT Paul & Ike O.
Post Production Assist: Mike Carroll
Production Assistant: Tempestt Perrin, Aubrey Cheek, Miku Inuzuka and Fumiko Matsumura

Don Ferlazzo
"Take A Look At Me Now" (Official Video)

Nominated for Music Video of the Year Award
2022 Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards 
Director and Editor: Arleigh Rothenberg
Director of Photography: Erik Chocianowski
Videographers: Alvin Chan, Erik Chocianowski, Arleigh Rothenberg, Peter Busa
Choreographers: Tempestt Perrin, Brandy Blaha, Arleigh Rothenberg

Lead Production Assistant: Patricia Hernandez

Derick K. Grant's Choreography/Ensemble Lab
Choreographer: Arleigh

HSBC Tap and Go Flash Mob
Choreographer: Arleigh
Dancing on Good Morning America 
Arleigh, Flash Mob America Dance Trainer and Liaison for FMA dancers with DWTS

Dancing on Good Morning America
with Chloé Arnold and Flash Mob America
Oscars Wrap Party!


Arleigh was proud to be the presenter for
Take a Break: Learn How to Tap Dance with your Family 

Presenter: Arleigh Rothenberg ‘06,
Independent Music Video Producer, Creative Director,
Choreographer at Arleigh Esther Productions

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